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Loan Originators

  • Operations

    Next Wave Mortgage believes in a proactive approach. For the invested and actively searching customers, we want to provide all the resources the market has to offer for customer experience and competitiveness in the marketplace.

    When a qualified mortgage application comes in, our team begins preparing the file for underwriting without a property.

    This process creates two wins:

    • When a property is found, all that should be left to do is order the appraisal, title, and condo (this allows us to close within 7-14 days to compete with cash.
    • Due to the amount of connection with strategic touches, this process causes the buyer to be all in and increases the conversion rate of our loan officers. We do not believe in downtime; we always want the buyer to feel engaged and know the team is working towards creating homeowners.

    Loan Pipeline - Next Wave Mortgage

    Loan Pipeline - Next Wave Mortgage

  • Marketing/Leads

    Next Wave Mortgage's core competency is marketing at a high level. The marketing team consists of the first SEO company to go public, current Google board members, one of the top developers in the world, and a content team second to none.

    This team collaboration allows us to stay in front of our consumers and be a driving force online, where 95% of the customers begin their search.

    With 46 state-specific domains owned, our goal is to create opportunities and relationships in each market to drive business to our team members.

    Logo__Make_Florida_Your_Home With 35,000 + people per month coming to the site and an average of 40 leads per day; we have the formula to open up and drive real estate leads. With an investment in AI, we are well ahead of our industry's new trends and obstacles.

    What We Offer for Day-to-Day Operations

    What Next Wave Mortgage Offer For Day to Day Operations

    What Next Wave Mortgage Offer For Day to Day Operations

  • Technology

    Next Wave Mortgage knows that for our customers and teammates to succeed, we must have the best technology the market offers.

    Our technology integrates seamlessly with the customer, operations team, and investors. With web-based services, our team can be live 24/7 to take on any loan.

    The power of choice and speed set Next Wave Mortgage apart and create a platform that is scalable.

  • The Next Wave Difference

    Next Wave Mortgage has the flexibility of a lender with the options of a broker. We have cut out middle management, executives, president club, useless events, and poor money management.

    In return, we can offer competitive pricing, low closing costs, and options to secure the opportunities our team is presented.

    • Clear & Transparent Pricing and Set Your Own Margins. You get the exact pricing that we receive from our investors.
    • 24-Hour Underwrites and Dedicated Underwriters. Communicate directly with underwriters - personal relationship with decision makers.
    • Full access to branch and loan file support teams so your transition is smooth.
    • Cutting Edge Mortgage Tech. Our platform gives you the freedom to run your business your way. No other company does that.
    • No Layers of Management and Zero Overlays.
    • TBD Upfront Approvals and On-Time Closing Guarantee.
    • Access to ALL Products and 24/7 Accounting Access.
    • Maximum Volume Profitability and No Cap On Your Revenue.

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